Water Wheels Wales is part of Simply Leather (Wales) Ltd. Who manufacture a large proportion of their work at their purpose built workshops located at their home in Rhoslefain, Tywyn which at most times is open to the public. Come in and browse, sit and have a complimentary coffee with us and maybe discuss a custom made item you might like made in leather or the customisation of a current water wheel product.
Our leather work range includes belts, shoulder bags and hats, various sized leather clad clocks and barometers, purses, wallets and novelty items. Most of our hand crafted items are made from 3.5mm cow hide although finer leathers are used in some cases. Due to demand, some of the leather work is imported from other sources. In addition to this we also have on display our personal collection of craftsman made Fantasy and Traditional Swords which have been imported from Toledo in Spain over many years.

Our Water wheels are made from treated timbers giving them a long lasting lifetime. The wheels we produce are very heavy and rustic looking and come complete with all the necessary equipment to enable your wheel to perform as if it were a real working piece of equipment. We can deliver your wheel to any location within Wales, assemble and set it up to working status on the delivery day. "No water", "no problem", we can erect a re-locatable pond from blocks complete with pond liner anywhere in your garden (please see conditions). All that is required is a water proof electrical supply (within two meters) to run the small water pump (supplied) and a supply of fresh water (from a tap) to fill it.

All goods are sold solely through our retail shop, by mail order or via our on-line catalogue. Suppliers of the hides and other materials used in the manufacture of our leather products are all UK based companies. However, as previously mentioned, a tiny proportion of our leather goods are imported.
Marketing for Simply Leather (Wales) Ltd. and WaterWheels.Wales is currently achieved through paper based brochures distributed throughout Wales, local press adverts and the internet but best of all, word-of-mouth.